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Uncommon Athletes

BeeJay Williamson #4

BeeJay Williamson Picture

Position: Tech Defensive Back
Hometown: Dallas, TX

“I am not just a football player. I’m very outgoing and like to get in the community and help people out!”

BeeJay says that family is a huge part of his life and does everything he can to represent them. One of the biggest lessons he’s learned is to never be content with himself because “there is always somebody working just as hard and more than you are. So always have an edge to get better at all times.”

Before every game, BeeJay walks the field by himself and listens to Gospel music. BeeJay’s dream after his athletic career is over is to have generational wealth and be able to provide for his family. He supports any charity that helps the homeless, abused children, or battered women.

BeeJay’s bucket list includes being able to take his whole family on a vacation where they don’t have to pay for anything.

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