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Uncommon Athletes

Malik Nabers #8

Malik Nabers Picture

Position: LSU Wide Receiver
Hometown: Youngsville, LA

“What makes me uncommon is my confidence and competitiveness. My mind just won’t let me lose. It sets a fire off inside me when I lose and I won’t stop until I win.” 

There’s absolutely a fierce flame carried within Malik Nabers! His electricity and quickness on the field are unstoppable. Before every game, Nabers thanks God he made it this far. “I ask him to keep me safe and injury-free. I thank him for bringing my family to the game safely, and I tell him to show the world how I’m different!”

Nabers credits one organization in particular for helping him see how different and talented he truly was at a young age. “The Bootleggers changed my life. As soon as I made the team they saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. I have to say it’s the best organization and very special to me.”  

Off the field, Nabers carries the same passion and energy into his personal life. After his athletic career is over, one of his goals is to give back and create a play space for kids. “I want to provide a paintball play place and a gym where kids can come and work on their game any time.”

His bucket list includes skydiving. 

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